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A photo of assorted shooting supplies. Another photo of assorted shooting supplies.

Other Activities

If your particular shooting activity does not fall within the broad categories outlined thus far on this site, do not dispair! There is still hope! Chances are that if you are into scatter gunning, black powder, cap lock or flint, or some other esoteric discipline, you can probably find someone to enjoy it with you here at RR&RC.

As long as your shooting activity is safe, and legal within the county, state and federal limitations the chances are that you will find a tolerant board willing to give the activity a hearing, and if you can get a few others involved with you, there's even a chance we will make it a regular activity.

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, Carbine Matches, Turkey Shoots, Black Powder, Silhouette, Steel Shoots, Zombie Shoots, and Dinners have all been run. Roslyn Rifle & Revolver is your club for outstanding shooting activities. Heck, we even have an archery range!

For Information contact: The Director listed.