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A photo of a Roslyn Junior on the outdoor line. Another photo of a Roslyn Junior on the outdoor line.

The Roslyn Junior Program

The Roslyn Junior Program is one of the oldest on Long Island and it boasts innumerable National Match winners and NCAA team members, as well as, collegiate shooting scholarship winners and Olympians. The Junior program founds itself upon the principles of obsessive attention to safety, instilling a sense of good sportsmanship, and enjoyment of the shooting sports.

The Juniors practice both smallbore and air rifle in their Sun./Sat. Morning program, and host sectionals in 3p Smallbore and 3p Air. The Junior Progran also hosts the Junior Olympic Rifle Championship for the Long Island Region.

Parents of Juniors interested in the Junior program do not need to be Roslyn members although that is not an unusual outcome. The Junior Program runs concurrently with the academic year, but Juniors are invited to attend senior outdoor rifle matches, as our guests, through the summer as well.

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