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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need a pistol permit to join Roslyn?.
No! You must be sponsored by a current member of the club and submit to a background check, but no permits are required for membership.

Your club seems very competitive. Will I be required to join a team if I join the club?.
No! While we do have terrific teams in most shooting disciplines, there is no requirement for you to compete, in fact fewer than 10% of our members actually compete.

I see that Roslyn is a 100% NRA club. Must I join the NRA before I apply?
No! While we most definitely encourage everyone to join the NRA, you can do so as you become a member. But, yes NRA membership is required to become and remain a member of the club.

Once I am a member of the club can I bring guests to shoot?
Your first year as a Roslyn member you are considered probationary and you can not bring guests. After your first year of membership, you may bring one guest per visit. There is a $10 fee for the guest and they must sign into the range book as a guest. Any individual guest may visit the range with you a maximum of three times in any calendar year. You are personally responsible for your guest's actions at the range. You are required to supervise them at all times while they are shooting.

Can anyone shoot at Roslyn sponsored matches?
All NRA Registered matches are open to the public who qualify to participate under the NRA Rules for that match. If you are not certain if you are eligible, download the Match Program using the link provided in the match posting. Any further questiions can be answered by contacting the match director listed. Some matches are for Members Only and they are so identified.

Are there any restrictions regarding ammunition and/or firearms on Roslyn Ranges?
The indoor range is for pistols using mid range, unjacketed ammunition, 22 rimfire rifles may also be used. All firearms are to be fired from the 50' firing line ONLY! Only Air rifles and air pistols may be used at the ten meter line. No black powder firearms are to be fired on the indoor range.
The outdoor ranges are to be used firing at paper or clay targets only. The ONLY exception is authorized club sponsored matches whichh may use alternative targets. No fully automatic weapons may be fired at our ranges, no exceptions ever! No tracer ammunition is permitted on any ranges